Our Rooms

If you would like to view the rooms and see our facilities, contact us 024 76740493 or call in Mon-Thursday

Ground Floor Multi-Purpose Room

The ground floor multi-purpose room has a door from the main entrance and a fire exit in to the car park. This allows large groups to move freely through the room. The room can be used with or without furniture. Average capacity of people seated is 75

First Floor Multi-Purpose Room

First Floor Multi-Purpose Room offers privacy for women only groups. It is connected to a small meeting room by double doors, which can be hired at the same time. Average capacity of people seated is 65

First Floor Meeting Room

First Floor Meeting Room can be hired with the First Floor Multi-Purpose Room or separately. Average capacity is 8-12 people

Ground Floor Meeting Room

Ground Floor Meeting Room can be used for 1-to-1 or small meetings and groups

First Floor Kitchen

First Floor Kitchen is a super space for cooking sessions, small groups and can be rented for use with other rooms