Want to Volunteer with us?

Every day, in so many ways, our volunteers give their time and effort to make an incredible difference. Without volunteers, Broad Street Hall wouldn’t be here today.  

Whether you just want to give a few hours a week or you want to become a fully involved community member we have an opportunity for you.  

Our volunteering opportunities include: 

  • Administrators 
  • Befrienders 
  • Event and activities organisers  
  • Fundraisers 
  • Trustees  
  • Social Media/ Digital Media

If you would like to volunteer but are unsure what you want to do, contact us for an informal chat. You can fill in an Expression of interest form or email admin@broadsthall.co.uk  

Learning and development for volunteers  

▼ What happens when I start volunteering?
    What happens at when I start volunteering?

    It’s normal to feel nervous and have lots of questions when you start something new – and that’s the same for volunteering. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to support you and make sure it all goes smoothly.

    You will be given a Volunteer Handbook and a named contact so you always have the information you need.

    There are four core areas for you to learn about as part of your induction and these will be covered in either group training or on a one-to-one basis.

    These include:

    About Broad Street Hall [BSH]; the organisation and its Policies & Procedures

    Working with people from different backgrounds and with differing needs

    What volunteering with BSH involves

    How your volunteering makes a difference

▼ What ongoing learning is availble?
    We want to make sure that you feel happy and confident enough to carry out your volunteering role. So, in addition to your induction and training, we offer a range of opportunities for you to learn more and to develop your skills.

    All ongoing training and development is discussed with the volunteer and designed around what they want to achieve

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

▼ How old do I have to be?
    Generally we ask that volunteers are 18 years old and over. However, in exceptional circumstances we do take younger volunteers. If you have an idea that would benefit Broad Street Hall and/or the local community contact us; either fill in an expression of interest form or email admin@broadstreethall.co.uk putting volunteering in the subject bar.
▼ Can I volunteer with a group or activity?
    We do have some groups or activities that may need volunteers and we are planning to organise events that always need an extra pair of hands. Please contact us with your area of interest so we can connect you to the right group or activity.
▼ Are you looking for special skills?
    Our volunteers are individuals that want to make a difference and help others. They have all come to Broad Street Hall with different skill and experience levels which is why we offer training and development.

    There are times and volunteering posts that may require special skills or experience, but we will inform you of all the volunteering opportunities, what is needed and the training available. Don’t forget you probably already have useful volunteering skills that you may not be aware off.

▼ Do I have to be at Broad Street Hall premises to volunteer?
    Most of our volunteering opportunities are based within the hall. However, there are some areas where volunteers can work from home and connect with their named contact and other volunteers via MS Teams.

    You can be involved in Event planning, Fundraising or our Social Media Committees.

    Fill in an expression of interest or email admin@broadsthall.co.uk so we can discuss your opportunities further.